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Town of Babylon Bids and RFPs

The Town of Babylon Department of General Services will be posting Bids and RFPs on this website that are available for download.
  • Only bids that do NOT require a fee will be posted.
  • Construction bids will NOT be posted.
  • You may view any bid specification but you will be required to register on this site in order to view and download the complete bid package.
  • We require you to register so that we can contact you by EMAIL if there are changes to the bid package or if we need to answer questions asked by potential bidders.

To view the available bids, click on "Bids" on the Menu.



New Postings This Week:

  • Bid Posting          #15G38   -  Fountains, Aerators, etc., Aqua Control inc., Kasco Marine inc.                                                Catalogs or Equal and Labor
  • Bid Posting          #15G42   -  Request for Qualifications for a Managing Underwriter for the                                                Town of Babylon in Connection With General Obligation Bond                                                or Note Transactions


Postings Still Open:

  • RFP Posting         #15G31   -  Request for Proposals Technical, Consulting, Surveying,                                                Engineering, Design, Construction Administration and                                                Construction Inspection, etc. Services for the Construction of                                                American Venice Bridges, Copiague, New York
  • Bid Posting          #15G10   -  Requirements Contract for Air Conditioning Maintenance and                                                Repair


Latest Bid Opening Results:

  • Bid Results          #15G27   -  Towing Services for the Removal of Abandoned Vehicles From                                                Town Roadways and Private Property and Removal of                                                Vehicles for Roadwork
  • Bid Results          #15G28   -  Towing Services for Town of Babylon Vehicles and Heavy                                                Equipment


Latest Bids Awarded:




Please let us know if you have any problems using this website by sending us an email by clicking here .


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